Wednesday, October 20, 2010

2011 Proto Reflex Rail

The 2011 Proto Reflex Rail is one of the newest paintball guns in the Dye/Proto lineup for this year. The Proto Reflex Rail has a ton of great features and will not break the bank in terms of cost.

Dont wait any longer and get your 2011 Proto Reflex Rail today.

2011 Proto Reflex Rail Features:
1. 2 piece, 14" Barrel with .690 micro honed back part
2. Hyper3 regulator soft touch rubber and 360 degree swivel arm
3. Anti Chop eyes4. Self cleaning eye pipe technology with integrated ball detents
4. 140psi operating pressure6. Proto dual density sticky grips
5. Led program control with four tournament modes and rate of fire adjustment
6. Aircraft grade aluminum 45 frame with ultralite ergonomic styling
7. Ultralite aluminum trigger
8. Cam lock feed neck
9. Screwed together bolt with metal back cap for easy access
10. Proto on/off airport
11. Easy release adjustable airport mount
12. 1200 shot efficiency from 68 ci / 4500psi tank
13. Maximum ROF 25bps

2011 Dye NT Paintball Gun

The 2011 Dye NT is hot off the presses and just released this information. This is one of the first places to get your information about the 2011 Dye NT paintball gun.

2011 Dye NT Features:
1. 14 inch two piece Ultralite barrel with .688 bore
2. Spool valve technology with
a. Boost forward feature for gentle touch on paint
b. Automatic valve shutoff for maximum efficiency
c. Integrated secondary solenoid spool
3. Low operating pressure of just 125psi
a. Lowered for 2011 for even softer feel and reduced noise
4. Eye pipe with integrated detents
5. Ultimate efficiency, 1500-1700 shots of 68/45
6. Player performance and shooting comfort
a. Added third bolt tip flow insert
b. Color coded volume inserts for easier use
7. Ultralite airport
8. Ultralite reach trigger
9. 2nd generation ultralite frame
10. LED control with 4 fire modes and 40 rof settings
11. Hyper3 regulator
12. Cam lock feed neck
13. Tool-less sticky grips for quick access
14. Contact pads for maximum comfort and grip

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Empire Axe Paintball Gun

Empire is releasing the Empire Axe paintball gun right now. There is not a lot of info regarding the Empire Axe paintball gun but we will keep everyone updated.

ANSgear already has the Empire Axe paintball gun available for pre-order and will have them in stock before Christmas.

Friday, August 7, 2009

Discount Proto Rail 09 Paintball Gun

The 09 Proto Rail Paintball Gun now comes standard with the legendary Dye Ultralite Frame which can be found on Dye's DM series paintball guns. The 09 Proto Rail is literally a high end tournament gun at half the cost.

Along with the Dye Ultralite frame, the 09 Proto Rail also comes standard with the Hyper3 in-line regulator which is also found on Dye's DM series of guns. With these two new features, it really has stepped up the performance and made it a contender with all of the big guns out there today.

The 09 Proto Rail gun has every feature that you would expect to find on a high end tournament level gun. Blast away the competition with a lightweight, extremely fast gun. If you're looking for a high end gun at a discount price, then definitely look at the 09 Proto Rail paintball gun.

Discount 09 Proto Rail paintball guns can be found at!

Friday, July 3, 2009

Discounted Smart Parts Ion Paintball Gun is the only place to get discounted Smart Parts Ion paintball guns!

The Smart Parts Ion paintball gun is one of the best paintball guns ever made! What other tournament level guns come with that low of a price tag? None! The Ion is full of great features that are found only on high end markers.

This gun is very light, it shoots fast, and is easy to take care of. Not only that, but since the Ion is so popular, there are hundreds of upgrades available for it. This gun can be customized to your liking.

Out of the box, the Ion will shoot up to 17BPS. That is plenty fast for any paintball player, especially considering most tournaments won't even allow you to shoot even close to that speed. The next thing is that this gun is very light. Its as light as most high end markers!

For the price, the Smart Parts Ion can not be beat. If you want a great tournament level gun for an excellent price then look at the Smart Parts Ion.

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Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Discounted Planet Eclipse 08 Ego

Discounted Planet Eclipse 08 Ego's are available for a limited time only at! Get them while they last!

The Planet Eclipse 08 Ego is one of the best paintball guns ever produced. Every detail was put into consideration with this gun. The Planet Eclipse 08 Ego is used by top tournament players everywhere and for good reason. It simply is one of the best guns. The first thing you will notice when you pick up a Planet Eclipse 08 Ego is that, wow, this gun is light. With battery, ASA, and barrel this gun weighs in at 1.99 pounds. The gun is just super light! The next thing you will notice is that this gun is extremely sleek and thin, part of the reason why it is so light. Even with all of the milling and cuts to make this gun so light it does not lack any performance, it actually gained from previous models.

If you're looking for a high level tournament gun or you just want to blow away the competition then definitely take a look at the Planet Eclipse 08 Ego. This gun will give you all the performance you ever wanted in a small lightweight design.

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Monday, June 29, 2009

Discounted Proto SLG Paintball Guns is the one stop shop for all discounted Proto SLG paintball guns. Don't get caught paying high prices, get your discounted Proto SLG paintball guns at now!

New for 2009, the Proto SLG now features the Ultralite Trigger Frame. The frame alone sells from anywhere between $150-200 and yet it comes standard on this marker as well as all of the other high quality parts that are included. Not only does it have the Ultralite Trigger Frame but it also comes with the Hyper 3 inline regulator. This gun is an amazing buy for the money. You really get what you pay for and that is excellence. has all discounted Proto SLG paintball guns in stock, be sure to get them while they last!