Friday, August 7, 2009

Discount Proto Rail 09 Paintball Gun

The 09 Proto Rail Paintball Gun now comes standard with the legendary Dye Ultralite Frame which can be found on Dye's DM series paintball guns. The 09 Proto Rail is literally a high end tournament gun at half the cost.

Along with the Dye Ultralite frame, the 09 Proto Rail also comes standard with the Hyper3 in-line regulator which is also found on Dye's DM series of guns. With these two new features, it really has stepped up the performance and made it a contender with all of the big guns out there today.

The 09 Proto Rail gun has every feature that you would expect to find on a high end tournament level gun. Blast away the competition with a lightweight, extremely fast gun. If you're looking for a high end gun at a discount price, then definitely look at the 09 Proto Rail paintball gun.

Discount 09 Proto Rail paintball guns can be found at!


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